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Importing handcraft items from Ecuador and Mexico.  Wholesale CBD Extract Hemp oils in United States. Wholesale Sohum Living Soils. Best Prices!

Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes  

Smoke Ecological Pipe, Tagua Seed Pipes don't harm Earth Soils. Your customers will enjoy the flavor of your Cannabis and your Brand will make a difference because you care about our Earth Soils. 

Positioning Cannabis Marketing to Demonstrate Sustainability My Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes. These seed pipes are use to Marketing Cannabis business, and these Seeds are Sustainable 100% and It comes from Ecuador.

My name is Yadira Silva and I am a member of MCIA, and Cannabis Equity Community Committee!

Smoke Ecological Pipe, Tagua Seed Pipes don't harm Earth Soils.

The natural nut of the Tagua Palm Tree is a practical alternative to animal ivory. Excellent for jewelry, inlay work, buttons, miniatures, scrimshaw, and much more, Tagua is naturally very hard and can be turned on a lathe or easily carved with rotary burrs. The results can be stained, buffed or polished. All Tagua nuts have a natural void within the nut, the size of which cannot be determined until it is cut open. Sizes vary between 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" diameter with five Tagua nuts per bag. Imported from Ecuador, South America.


The Finest Tagua. Tagua Seed is the wonder material.

It is the dried nut pulp of Tagua Palm and it comes from Ecuador.  Tagua is natural, ecological, nature-friendly, it is a beautiful material.

With  Tagua Seed, we can leverage your Brand Appeal in order to bring Value-Added to Your Customers. Giving your seed to Your Clients and planting it in clients Subconscious.
Tagua Seed | Tagua Seed| Brighton Co| Cerda Imports | United States
Tagua Seed | Tagua Seed| Brighton Co| Cerda Imports | United States

 Family Own Business, Bertha Cerda and Yadira Silva joined in a venture to promote consciousness about our optimal and ecological way of smoking Cannabis. Also, Cerda Imports appreciates the advantage of Education that we like to help Children to pay for their tuition, books, and breakfast.

Now,  members of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Minority Cannabis Business Association, NORML, and Cultivated Synergy. These institutions are leaders in the Cannabis Industry. We hope for your interest and collaboration.

Cerda Imports mission is to innovate an Environmentally conscious Marijuana Marketing. Also, Cerda Imports CBD oils National and International. 

Your logo handcrafted on Palm Seed pipes will generate additional income to you!


Dispensaries in the Cannabis Industry (Nationwide)

Plus Value:

   1.These Seeds promise to bring you more Customers, Because more and more Organic Followers are Rising up.


   2. Imaging the impact of your decision for the future, having your handcraft-logo pipes helping to prevent Global Warming. The "great innovation in plant evolution was the seed " Markus Eichhorn explained plant evolution.


  3. 10% of Profits helps to pay for Middle School tuitions for Rural Students In Ecuador.


The most Environmentally Conscious Marijuana Advertising in Colorado and Beyond!

Encouraging: feature your logo! protect our Mother Earth! Tagua Coconut Seed pipes are the greenest option for Promoting your Cannabis Business.





September 2, 2019

Aroma Dispensary order 10 Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes. Thank you!

August 21, 2019


June 25, 2019

I like to Pay the tuition of 300 Students

Inform, 286 people! has contribute to our Cause! $100 more and we will pay the School tuition o...

May 24, 2018

 Blessed event we could collect $150 toward our first school grant. BE PART OF OUR CLUB.

May 24, 2018

Crafted in Ecuador the hooded jacket is made of Wool and Acrylic.  

The Leef Life slogan is trendy and fun and appropriate for all a...

January 15, 2018

Make you first purchase: Tagua seed pipes or Jackets for winter promotions .Start supporting our novel cause: School Grant to Rural Midd...

January 15, 2018

I AM ALL THE WAY UP. Our new Style of Jackets and T-shirts.

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For any questions, you can reach me here: info@cerdaimports.club

 or drop me a line. You can call or text me at 720-364-2759

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