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Cerda Imports a variety of products: Tagua Coconut Seed Pies, Cannabis Tshirst, Alpac Jackets Costumize, IES Pure Extraction Machine, Hemp Lotions and Oils, Sohum Soils, click on the images below for more information.

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About Us

 Family Own Business, Bertha Cerda and Yadira Silva joined in a venture to promote consciousness about our optimal and ecological way of smoking Cannabis. Plus, we are Distributor of Soils for cultivating and Extract Machines for Cannabis. Also, the use of Hemp Full spectrum Lotions and CBD Oils.

Now,  members of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Minority Cannabis Business Association, NORML, International NORML, Colorado NORML, and Cultivated Synergy. These institutions are leaders in the Cannabis Industry. We hope for your interest and collaboration.

Cerda Imports' mission is to innovate Environmentally conscious and more personal Marijuana Marketing, and smoking. Also, Cerda Imports CBD oils National and International. Nutritious Soils for the land. Innovating Equipment for Cannabis Extractions.

Interest in new Develop Machinery, we are importing Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine to Ecuador and Mexico.

Your logo handcrafted on Tagua Palm Seed Pipes will generate additional Connections with your Clients! 


Plus Value: 

For Dispensaries in the Cannabis Industry (Nationwide)

   1. These Seeds promise to bring you more Customers Because more and more Organic Followers are getting Together.

   2. Imagine the impact of your decision today in the future, having your logo handcrafted on Sustainable pipes your Brand is helping to promote Sustainability Consciousness. The "great innovation in plant evolution was the seed " Markus Eichhorn explained plant evolution.


  3. Also, Cerda Imports appreciates the advantage of Education, we like to help Children, paying for their tuition, books, and breakfast in rural areas in Ecuador. 10% of Profits helps to pay for Middle School tuition for Rural Students In Ecuador. 


The BEST Environmentally Conscious Marijuana Advertising in Colorado and Beyond!

Encouraging: feature your logo! protect our Mother Earth! Tagua Coconut Seed pipes are the greenest option for Promoting your Cannabis Business and To Enjoy the cannabinoides of Cannabis.



January 20, 2020

Helping the Disadvantages, Jeremy Natanael assist the 6th grade in the School "Senor de la Divina Esperanza" His mom was behind on the payments for the school. We contribute $246 to pay Tuition and books.

August 21, 2019


June 25, 2019

I like to Pay the tuition of 300 Students

Inform, 286 people! has contribute to our Cause! $100 more and we will pay the School tuition of 1 Student, in my beloved Ecuador. 

December 9, 2017

October 10, 2017

Hand made logo designs on Tagua seed. We can make your logo TOO!

September 1, 2017

New editions of Alpaca Jackets

We love Colorado.

Thanks, Colorado, for showing the rest of us that it's A-Okay to enjoy marijuana
socially, responsibly, and legally.

In Colorado, to commemorate your bold step forward, we're introducing the NEW MARKETING STYLE, so that re...

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For any questions, you can reach me here: info@cerdaimports.club

 or drop me a line. You can call or text me at 720-364-2759

About Us

 Family Own Business, Bertha Cerda and Yadira Silva joined in a venture to promote consciousness about our optimal and ecological way of smoking, cultivating and extract Cannabis. 

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