This Jacket is made of Sheep's Wool and Acrylic, making it affordable for the public.

Wholesale price, Order Over 25 Jackets

We may Customize- Allocate your logo and or Name of your company

Delivery period is 30 to 45 days from Order Date


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Color  :  White, and Black

Sized : S   M    L  XL  


Our alpaca sweaters use the finest Ecuadorian's alpacas and fiber blends.

Once reserved for Inca royalty, alpaca is one of the world's luxury
fibers, ligher and warmer than wool, silky soft to the touch. SPECIAL Order.


We are involve with a NOVEL CAUSE. We will contribute $5 per every jacket ( out of our profit) TO Unidad Educativa "Independencia Ecuatoriana" Middle School, localized in Guayaquil, Ecuador; TO SUPPORT SINGLE POOR MOTHERs paying for their kids education.


  • Some of our most beloved items are alpaca sweaters. These incredibly soft UNISEX sweaters are exactly what you need when you’re looking for warm sweaters that are beautifully made and full of color, texture and pattern. Our alpaca cardigans and baby alpaca cardigans are ideal for an added layer of warmth when Fall’s cooler temps settle in, and our knit sweaters, Ecuadorian's sweaters and alpaca wool sweaters deliver unmatched warmth and softness—even more so than cashmere. We always have lightweight sweaters—and Spring sweaters, seasonally—that are a lighter option for just-right warmth.