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Smoke Ecological Pipe, Tagua Seed Pipes don't harm Earth Soils.

Enjoy Smoking Cannabis with Ecological Pipes, Tagua Seed Pipes are Biodegradable.


Imported from Ecuador, South America.We are sharing this international talent, beautiful craft mainstream In Canabis Industry. All the pipes you see are made of Tagua Seed, they come from the amazon of Ecuador based on seed America. The women harvest locally and craft into this original ecological Pipes. Also, we donate 10% to Single Mothers to pay for their children School tuitions in Ecuador . We understand that customers like to have more value added to their choices.

The natural nut of the Tagua Palm Tree is a practical alternative to animal ivory. Excellent for jewelry, inlay work, buttons, miniatures, scrimshaw, and much more, Tagua is naturally very hard and can be turned on a lathe or easily carved with rotary burrs. The results can be stained, buffed or polished. All Tagua nuts have a natural void within the nut, the size of which cannot be determined until it is cut open. Sizes vary between 1-3/8" to 1-3/4" diameter with five Tagua nuts per bag.

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Wholesale = More than 10 Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes Send me a message, We deliver to your ADDRESS.
Interest on Advertising your Logo on Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes, please email me the image of your logo to   Remember!  we  leverage your Brand Appeal by handcrafting your company Logo bringing Value-Added to Your Customers. The idea is  "Giving My seed to My Clients is like planting our Branding in my clients Subconscious." The customize image does not increase the cost of the order. The delivery period is 30 to 40 days from Order Date. 
Wholesale price: more than 10 Pipes $10 each Pipe, more than 2000 Pipes $9 each.


Single Tagua Seed pipe order below. THIS WILL TAKE 7-10DAYS TO ARRIVE AT YOUR ADDRESS

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We are sharing this international talent